I have no ideas
To write good posts for this blog
I apologise.

So I missed writing a post for last week, due to the vast amount of homework I was suddenly swamped with (and I just forgot…). And then I was going to do a post yesterday, but WordPress wasn’t working, so I couldn’t do one then. And then I was going to do a post today… and I ran out of ideas.

I have a feeling that some of you will be thinking “Why don’t you just use the topic ideas that are suggested by WordPress?” And I guess I could. But I don’t really like them that much. I did start a draft of a post about my favourite number, and explaining all about what a ‘perfect’ number is; then I thought it might seem a bit obnoxious with a 14-year-old talking about maths, which is not my best subject. But do not fret! I WILL have a proper post next week. Maybe.

So, yeah.

I’m sorry.


Is it childish at 14 years old, to love watching Disney films? And by Disney films, I mean the animated ones, preferably with a princess in there somewhere. It seems that some people think it’s juvenile, judging by the amount of odd looks I got from the staff at my local cinema when I said I wanted to see ‘Tangled’ (the new Disney film about Rapunzel)

I went round to my friend’s house on Saturday, for a Disney movie marathon. We only had time to watch four, going for the theme of  ‘Disney Princess’. After some deliberation, we decided to watch The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, and finally Beauty and the Beast.

It was quite interesting to watch Beauty and the Beast straight after Snow White, and to see the contrast in the heroines, and how the typical Disney princess has evolved over time. From nothing more than a pretty face with as much common sense as a wet towel, to Belle, a princess actually has some personality, a love of reading and actually some brains.

But the ultimate Disney film has to be Mulan. Although she isn’t strictly a princess, she has more personality than Snow White and Cinderella put together. Come on, she saved the whole of China! Compared to Snow White, who just ran away, and then after being specifically told not to let anyone into the house, she went and let the queen in, and ate a poisoned apple. I mean, seriously?

But whatever. I guess expectations of women were very different in 1937 compared to in the 90s, when Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan were made.

See you next time,

Emily x

A lot of people, when they first meet me, make the automatic assumption that I’m the quiet, neat, nerd, who is quite boring really. And they’re mistaken.

I’m not quiet, I’m actually extremely loud once you get to know me. My friends say that I am one of the weirdest people they know (before assuring me that it’s a good thing really, and no offense was meant), and my room and handwriting is a mess. I sit next to a boy in religious studies who recently told me: “Y’know, I would have never thought your writing would be that bad.” Great.

Another thing that people don’t think of me is that I am interested in fashion. Having a school uniform means that when people see me in my normal clothes, they’re quite surprised. Not that I wear any of the Jack Wills or Abercrombie & Fitch clothes that most of the ‘cool’ kids wear; I like to have my own style. I read fashion blogs religiously (my favourites being this, this, and this), but never like to copy them, I just use them as inspiration.

Finally, people never expect me to be good at art. Haven’t figured that one out yet.

But from what I can deduce, the only real reason people automatically assume these things about me is because they think that I’m a nerd. They see the glasses and the good grades, so they automatically assume I’m nerdy, bookish, and boring. I am actually quite nerdy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be interested in other things.

See you soon,

Emily x

So I haven’t done a post in 10 days. Blaaaaaagh. I’m not very good at this post a week thing, am I?

The reason why I haven’t had much time, is that I’ve just been so busy. Although in theory, with it being the half term break, I should have all the time in the world, and I do. Thing is, I’ve been busy being lazy. I spent the whole of today watching Glee, and laughing at silly videos on the internet, whilst not touching my geography essay at all; wasting my life.

Should I instead be spending my time harnessing some great talent I may have? Or can I really be bothered? I suppose this blog is beneficial in some ways, I’m (kind of failing at) committing to something, as well as improving my writing. Though the stuff I put on this little website isn’t exactly my best writing, just half crazed ramblings, without any editing at all, just a quick spell check, and then I press that lovely shiny blue ‘Publish’ button. Half of the stuff I publish doesn’t even make sense to me, so I don’t see how it can make sense to you, my minute collection of readers.

I  don’t really have anything else to say, as it often is with this blog, apart from the fact that I received my GCSE options booklet on Thursday. I think I’m going to do Art, Spanish, History, and AS maths.

Emily x

So I’m off school today, as I feel really awful, and like I’m going to throw up. Bleugh. But on the plus side, it means I get to write you a nice long blog post.

As it’s pretty obvious (due to the fact that it says at the top) that I’m 14. But being 14, means in seven months I will be 15. And a year after I turn 15, I will be 16. And when your only 14 like me, 16 is a pretty scary age. Being 16 means responsibility; which kinda freaks me out. Just a bit.

Also on the theme of growing up, at school we’ve started a long series of assembleys on GCSE options, which I am going to have to make in a few weeks time. Which again, is pretty frightening. For example, what if I make the wrong choices? If I don’t choose correctly, certain career paths will be cut off from me forever! Do I do History or Geography? Product Design or Art? AS Math, or AS Science? (In case you’re wondering, AS levels are usually done when you’re 16, but our school allows some pupils to do some early)

And then I started thinking further. What do I want to do at university? If I don’t work hard now, will that affect my further education? What about jobs? Doctor? Lawyer? Rubbish collector? And then what? Where am I going to live? What type of house? How many children? What about their names? One of my friends has already decided what her children will be called, and each of their 10 middle names.

But then I realised, I didn’t want to plan every aspect of my life. I didn’t plan this blog, and I didn’t plan to be ill today either. Things happen, and I guess you’ve just got to make the best of it.

Emily xxx

Happy Chinese New Year!

Whether you celebrate it or not, (being half Chinese, I do) I wish you a happy and prosperous year of the Rabbit. 🙂

(I know this is late again, but my internet crashed yesterday, so don’t hit me)

This past week, everything has been better in my life. Some problems with my friends, haven’t completely disappeared, but have smoothed out a bit; the teachers have decided to lay off the homework slightly;  (Finally some free time!) and I’ve just generally been feeling a lot more optimistic.

So that leads me on to my question: What makes you happy?

(For once, I’m asking the questions, instead of answering the suggested WordPress ones. Rebel? Oh yes.)

Personally, the best thing to make me happy is seeing my friends. My best friend has just left, leaving me with a smile on my face. (Not because she’s gone, obviously. I’m happy because she came.) Smells and music also make me feel more optimistic. A nice perfume, of air freshener, combined with one of my favourite tracks in the background; perfect. A good book and a mug of hot chocolate, snuggled up somewhere warm, another one of my favourite things.

Aaaaannyywaaay. I could sit here and ramble about lovely things, and probably end up sounding a bit like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, singing about raindrops on roses, and whiskers on mittens, or whatever she says. But I’m not; partly because I’m lazy, but mainly because nerimon uploaded a new YouTube video I want to watch. So, if you want to (because I can’t force you to do anything) tell me what makes you happy in the comments. Or not.

Emily xxx